… laments negative perception


The Nigerian Army has enjoined media bloggers/online journalists to know and enlighten the populace on the dangers of misinformation or misinterpretation of the same for the general security of Nigeria.

The Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Maj. Gen. Marcus Kangye made the call while addressing participants at the 16th edition of the Social Media Influencers seminar in Enugu, on Friday.

Gen. Kangye said online publications have not been fair to reportage of military activities, which it alleged were mostly reported in negative directions.

He however, said that as a responsible organisation, the army believes in impacting positively on the lives of the average citizen as part of its cooperate social responsibilities and constitutional roles.

The seminar had as its theme: “The Evolving Role of the Social Media in Support of the Nigerian Army Non- Kinetic Line of Operations”.

The seminar which started in 2018, is one of the ways the Nigerian Army interacts with the civil populace to foster harmonious and cordial Civil-Military relations and an avenue for the army to receive feedback on how to serve the people better.

The army noted that social media has a very crucial role to play in support of the Nigerian Army’s non-kinetic line of operations as well as shaping public opinion.

“We are all aware that cyberspace is the latest domain of modern warfare. Therefore, social media presents a veritable tool in influencing and shaping public opinion which are critical in deciding the outcome of battles and there is so much that social media can do in support of Nigerian Army operations across the country.

“It is essential to note that tackling insecurity generally involves the use of kinetic and non-kinetic methods. So I make bold to inform this gathering that the Nigerian Army is making giant strides in the fight against terrorism, insurgency, banditry and other forms of criminality in the country,” Kangye reiterated.

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