The Amalgamation of Arewa Youths Groups (AAYG), has expressed worry over the lingering fuel scarcity in Nigeria and called for the sack of key stakeholders in the oil sector so as to have a solution to the oil shortage.  

“If our demands are not met in the next 5 working days, we shall organize our members from towns and villages to occupy all NNPC Zonal offices and its subsidiaries across our region and the FCT until we see changes,” they threatened.  

A statement signed by Comrade Abubakar Musa Ardo and Victor Duniya, secretary and spokesman of the AAYG respectively, said the Amalgamation which has 225 active socio-cultural groups, was disturbed as Nigerians are currently battling with the excruciating pains of fuel Scarcity, a situation that has become a significant part of 2022, with no end at sight.  

“Where you manage to see little of it, it sells between 250-300 Naira, in broad day light without fear of government regulatory agencies. As critical stakeholders in the Nigeria project, we can’t continue to fold our hands and allow things degenerate to point of no return. There is no justification for this scarcity amidst abundant blessings of crude oil in most parts of country, that are both tapped and untapped,” the youth said.  

The Arewa  youth  recalled that during the previous scarcity in the early part of this year, both the NNPC and Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) accused some major importers of importing high Methanolic contaminated Premium Motor Spirits, with the promise of bringing the said companies to justice. “Till date, nobody has been punished for inflicting pains on Nigerians,” they said. 

While acknowledging the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari for doing much to leave a lasting legacy as his tenure comes to an end next year, the AAYG alleged that some critical stakeholders in the oil sector who Mr. President trusted with powers acted as saboteurs and betrayed the trust of Mr. President and quest to leave a legacy of easy access to petroleum products without queues.  

They alleged that Independent Petroleum marketers were selling PMS in most Northern states as high as N250, against the National benchmark and highly subsidized rate of N165.  

“One of the consequences of inadequate supply of the petroleum products in our region is the renewed killings by terrorists as security agencies are equally struggling to access the product in most rural communities that are soft target for criminal elements, therefore they are largely immobilized to respond to distress calls.” 

The AAYG therefore called on Mr. President to wield the big stick any stakeholder in the oil sector that was indulging in act of sabotage and attempt to pitch Nigerians against him. 

Also, the Arewa youth called on the National Assembly to urgently probe the subsidy regime and compare notes with previous years to dictate the rigged figure by both the NNPC and NMDPRA, and ensure that all those concerns are punished.  

“Call on antigraft agencies to probe the activities of the staff of NMDPRA for possible collusion with Independent Petroleum Marketers to financially rape the  Federal Government and Nigerians, as PMS now sell far above the National Bench mark.” 

The youth alleged that some key stakeholders in the sector have failed woefully in their responsibilities, “we strongly support change in guards in their offices as they appear to have run out of ideas on how to end the lingering energy crisis in the country.” 

“If our demands are not met in the next 5 working days, we shall organize our members from town villages to occupy all NNPC Zonal offices and its subsidiaries across our region and the FCT until we see changes.” 

“This is not just a mere threat. We will follow up with full action after the expiration of our ultimatum and this will serve as a litmus test on the part of the Government on their fight against corruption and indiscipline.” 

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