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Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, has warned that the newly signed Anti-Open Grazing law in the state shall be fully invoked to ensure that justice is served.

The law is to prohibit open rearing and grazing and provide for the establishment of ranches in the state.

The bill was passed into law by the state House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Signing the bill into law on Wednesday at the state Council Chambers, the governor vowed to ensure that henceforth anyone whose livestock strays into another person’s farm or property, no matter how highly placed, would face the full weight of the new anti-open livestock grazing law of Akwa Ibom State.

According to the governor, it would be unnecessary for anyone found culpable to attempt to use his power or influence. 

“The law will be used against you, irrespective of who you are, so make sure you create ranches to take care of your livestock.

” It is very painful for a farmer to wake and discover that his crops that he had toiled for several months, have been destroyed by your cattles.

“Just as you are rearing your animals to make profits, the farmer is also aiming for profits and as such you should not come and destroy his own business with yours.

“Once you are caught, such animals would be confiscated and the fine would add to the revenue of the state government, and shall also be used to settle the loss of the farmer,” Emmanuel said.

The new law promotes modern techniques in animal husbandry, prevent the destruction of farms by wandering cattles, and aims to address clashes between herders and farmers in the state.

It also promotes international best practices in livestock administration, regulation and control in the state, among other things.

The signing was witnessed by the State House of Assembly Speaker, Hon Aniekan Bassey and the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Uko Udom (SAN) among others.

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