The Abuja-Kaduna train terrorists have reached out to several families of passengers kidnapped to make demands of various amounts as ransom to facilitate the release of their captors.

Family members disclosed to reporters that the ransom demanded by the kidnappers range from N5 million to N100 million, depending on the pedigree of the victims, and negotiating power.

An affected person told reporters that the abductors of his family member demanded an exorbitant amount. However, the relatives were relieved to learn that the victim was still alive.

Most of the families contacted by the terrorists have been warned against involving security agencies in the situation.

Insiders who spoke to reporters say the families have begun the process of raising funds to pay the kidnappers and ensure the release of their loved ones.

Alwan Hassan, acting managing director/chief executive officer of the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), who was also abducted during the attack regained his freedom on Wednesday.

Asma Alwan, his daughter, confirmed that he had been freed, but she provided no specific details on the circumstances surrounding his release.

However, Pulse reported earlier that he was released after a ransom was paid.

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