The Federal Government has been called upon to hasten the negotiation process and ensure that the remaining kidnapped 50 passengers were released. 

A married woman who was among the 11 kidnapped train passengers that were released recently, made the passionate appeal during a lone protest in Kaduna. 

The woman said her husband whom they were kidnapped together, is still in the terrorists den. 

”I cannot sleep any longer. My husband is among those still in the bush. Anytime I remember how they are suffering in the bush; I can’t sleep again,” she said. 

She called on the Federal Government to speed up the negotiations processes so that her husband and others, who had spent 90 days in captivity, would breathe the air of freedom again. 

 “There is need for government to intensify efforts towards dialogue with the terrorists and find ways of releasing the remaining 50 passengers that are still in captivity,” she said. 

“There are still children and old women and other people that are still in their captivity facing all kinds of daily challenges which include ecological challenges, cold, rain, and facing dangerous reptiles.” 

She urged the government and other stakeholders to see reason and engage in proper dialogue that could ultimately lead to the release of the 50 remaining hostages. 

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