…Five dead bodies deposited in Ekiti mortuary
By Nkasi Kolie 
Some of the aides of the Yoruba nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, (a.k.a. Sunday Igboho), have regained freedom from gunmen that abducted them  in Igboho’s house in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, in the early hours of Thursday.
Gunmen believed to be soldiers had raided his residence at the early hours of Thursday , killing five persons, domestic pets and destroying properties, including cars. 
The gunmen reportedly stormed the residence with at least eight fully loaded hilux vehicles at about 1am and operated freely till about 3:30am before they left. 
Some of the gunmen were said to have put on uniform being used by the Department of State Security (DSS).
When our correspondent  visited the attacked residence, blood stains of the persons that were killed were seen in some places. Also, a dead cat as well as used bullets were seen within the premises. Impacts of the bullets were also seen on the giant pillars and wall of the building.
Igboho, as gathered, was around when the gunmen arrived. They reportedly shot sporadically on arrival and the efforts put up by his guards did not hold any water as they we’re overpowered by the gunmen. 
They gained entry into the premises and immediately they searched for Igboho from one room to the other. 
They destroyed a lot of items in the house and also scattered the house.
Sources within the house said the gunmen did not know how Igboho escaped, adding that when they could not find Igboho, the woman that led the operation said all the cats in the house should be packed. 
The woman, according to witnesses, spoke Yoruba fluently.
It was further gathered that the gunmen went away with the corpses of five persons that were killed. 
The gunmen also abducted some female and male associates of Igboho, as well as their children. 
One of the persons that were abducted is simply identified as Lady K and he was picked up while on live video at the residence of Igboho during the incident. 
Sources said some of the abducted victims were released by the gunmen in Ekiti, Ekiti State. 
Those that were released, the sources said, include a woman thought to be Igboho’s wife, his aides, children of his boys and they were given N20,000 to board vehicles to Ibadan.
But the gunmen reportedly went away with Lady K,  other six boys. 
Men of the Nigerian Army and Department of State Security (DSS) were alleged to have carried out the operation.
According to one of the released victims, immediately they carried out their alleged dastardly operation at Sunday Igboho’s residence in Ibadan early this morning, they headed towards Iwo Road axis of Ibadan, where the DSS alighted Nigerian soldiers and headed towards Ekiti State, where they disembarked her, other women and the children and continued their journey with the Sunday Igboho’s boys.
“The DSS felt reluctant to release a lady blogger and other six boys while in Ekiti State. 
“The corpses of five people, who were allegedly killed by men of DSS and soldiers had been deposited at a particular mortuary in Ekiti State.
“After we had alighted, they gave us  N20,000 for fare to Ibadan. They did not beat us and they did not maltreat us throughout the journey in the DSS’ operational vehicles.”

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