The twin offences of direct or remote involvement in internet fraud and drug trafficking by former Head of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari would undoubtedly leave the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies of the State with fractured ego for some time until the entire Nigeria’s social system finds its rythms right.

That Kyari; a high ranking officer with many awards to his credit for exemplary performances in anti-crime operations could turn to be accused of aiding and abetting internet fraudsters with evidence of his fraternity with the likes of Hushpupi was inglorious enough to make him sober. But that was not the case as the same Abba Kyari while on suspension from police duties pending the conclusion of investigation into the internet-related crime, reportedIy got involved in drug seizure from couriers and criminally merchandising same and attempted corrupting officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) with the proceeds of such.

Last Monday, the NDLEA declared him wanted after his reported refusal to honour invitations from the Agency. Less than 24 hours after he was declared wanted, authorities of the Nigeria Police Force arrested him along with four of his police IRT operatives and handed them over to the anti-drug Agency.

As the NDLEA goes on with its investigation to ascertain the level of Kyari involvement in the drug deal, revelations have begun to emerge on the ignoble activities of IRT men under Abba Kyari.  There is already allegation of how Kyari and his men broke into a pharmaceutical warehouse where drugs alleged to be Tramadol worth about N3billion were carted away by IRT operatives without collaborating with NDLEA or NAFDAC.  The whereabouts of the drugs is said to be unknown.

The nefarious activities of the IRT men under Abba Kyari are beginning to emerge from several quarters particularly from the pharmaceutical sector where many operators paid dearly in cash to free themselves from drug related mundane accusations.

Stories are flying in town about how the IRT unofficially took over the statutory functions of the NDLEA and the National Agency for Food Administration and Control (NAFDAC), by clamping down on the least pharmaceutical product dealers suspected to be trading in drugs like Tramadol, Raphinol and others.

With the flurry of accusations about to flood the media space from victims of IRT operatives’ excessiveness during the headship of Kyari, the picture of the ugly days ahead can better be imagined.

Already, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in United States of America is still waiting for Kyari to come over to defend himself in the allegations levelled against him on the internet fraud deal with Hushpupi. Diplomatically, the Nigeria government has not been forthcoming in hurriedly releasing Kyari to the FBI but rather chose to investigate him to determine his culpability. The investigation has been going front and back before the drug offence came to the public space.

As it stands now, those who accused him from America and elsewhere can boldly beat their chest that Abba Kyari is not the super cop we thought he was.  This was a man loudly commended by Nigeria’s House of Representatives in a plenary for his perceived gallantry. He was similarly given a presidential handshake by the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari just as many media houses gave him awards at various times.

With this reversal in the behavioral pattern of DCP Abba Kyari, the international community will henceforth be circumspect about the personalities we give award and honour in different circumstances.

This is a burden the nation must carry in our collective failure to distinguish between achievements that hinge on untainted integrity and achievements which are anchored on dubious manipulation of the system.  

Now, is therefore time for the leadership of the country to overhaul the entire security agencies of the state with a view to avoiding the calamity Abba Kyari’s behavior is already bringing to the country.

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