As spate of kidnap for ransom is increasing in Nigeria with students/pupils  becoming easy soft targets, it has become imperative to give a few tips on how schools can guarantee the safety of their students/pupils from abductors and sundry criminals.
1.   The school compound should be fenced and gated.
2.    There should be security personnel at the school gate.
3.   Close Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras should be installed in all nooks and crannies of  school premises.
4.  Clearance should be given to any visitor before he/she is allowed entry into the school premises.
5.   Students and workers should always be in possession of their identity card.
6.   Proper security check must be conducted before employing teachers and other employees.
7.   Students should be trained on security-related issues.
8.   A security club should be formed in the school.
9.   Only the parents of students or someone duly assigned should be allowed to pickup students from the school.
10.   Central security alarm should be installed in the school premises.
11. Students’ bags should be searched from time to time to prevent them from bringing in dangerous weapons into the school.
12. Students’ activities should be strictly monitored so they don’t join secret cults.
13.   Students should be encouraged to report any suspicious moves or person(s) within the school premises to the school management.
14.  Students should only be allowed to leave the school premises only when they have a pass from the security post.
15.   People should be discouraged from loitering or parking their cars outside the school fence.
16.   If it is a High School/Secondary School or Primary School, students should not be allowed to make use of mobile phones within the school premises.
17.   Students should be issued Access Cards 
18.   Security Panel Committee should be set up in schools to review security policies from time to time.
19.   Kids should be taught not to talk to strangers.
20.   Teach teachers to be vigilant.

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