The Association Against Child Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (AACSGB) has posited that child abuse negatively affects the well-being and productivity of children in their homes and communities.

Mrs Ufuoma Akpobi, Coordinator, AACSGB, Edo chapter, in an interview in Benin, said child abuse is a universal reality that exists in all societies and cultures and therefore, called for urgent action to eliminate all forms of abuse against children in the country.

She said that it ”Cases of child abuse especially, sexually and trafficking is on the increase.

”We need strong laws to be enforced to punish perpetrators of child abuse to serve as a deterrent.

”Traditional and communities leaders should be involved in creating awareness on the effects of abuse on the child.

“Counselling units should be strengthened and incorporated in schools to teach and counsel children on reporting sexual abuses.

“The rate at which very tender children are abused by family members is alarming; most times the victims do not get justice because the family cover up,” she said.

The AACSGB coordinator proposed stricter laws against offenders to reduce the rate of child abuse and sexual molestation.

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